Nations of Cartheth

Carteth’s nine nations have greatly varied pasts, some having existed for over a thousand years and some being relatively young.


One of the elder nations of Carteth, Grath has long been a center for scientific advancement. the republic is currently home to a primarily Human population, though small numbers of Gnomes and Dwarves can still be found there. Grath has long maintained a general policy of isolation from the disputes of other countries, and thus finds itself lacking in strong allies or enemies.


Another old power, Telnath has been experiencing something of a modernizing renaissance in the last century. The country is almost entirely Human, and boasts a strong agriculture-based economy. At present, Telnath’s strongest allies are Grath, Elorell, and Balia


A shadow of what it once was, Elorell is now a small nation comprised entirely of the last elven ancestral forest. It’s citizens are primarily at least partly of elven descent, though there is a small population of humans that the elves have trusted within their borders. Those that do have access typically make use of the country’s expansive libraries, which are without equal on the continent.


Sintar was formed when human living in Elorell revolted against their somewhat oppressive Elven lords. It is a true democracy, and is home to a small population of Halflings who live and work among the larger human citizenship. Most of their exports are tech related, with software being the largest sector within that group.


Though it has been the largest country in Cartheth since the splitting of Telnath during its civil war, Fallania has had many troubles in keeping pace with the world’s technological developments. As a result of this, the country has been in a steady decline since the end of the last century.


A primarily agricultural nation on the southwest corner of Carteth, Balia was at one time under the complete control of Fallania, but with the aid of Telnath secured true sovereignty at the close of the last century.


Delvinth, on the northeast corner of Carteth, has long been a nation of miners and smiths, and the modern day has done little more than make that process more efficient. Boasting some of the richest mineral veins on the continent, and a sizeable population of dwarves that will stop at nothing to excavate them, the country has seen a fairly high standard of living in the last two centuries, as technological advances and factories supply an ever rising demand for their exports.


Under the leadership of Mellorine Tallwyn, and largely due to the manipulations of Titus Khan, Libertine was formed as a result of the Telnathi Civil War. It has since struggled to become truly stable, and is home to both a large farming industry and some of the world’s worst organized crime.


Not content with simply causing the Telnathi Civil War, Titus Khan soon set out to create his own domain. Using the money and magic items he recovered from ancient stores after regaining his memory, He quietly purchased most of the Northwest end of Fallania, and declared it a sovereign nation. After repelling the Fallanian army, he went on to force the pixie-kin out of Plex, adding their land to his domain. Since his assassination by Erwin Konig 400 years ago, the country has developed a Republican government.

Nations of Cartheth

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