In the Northwest corner of Carteth, Grath has been one of the most stable nations since it’s founding in 250 p.r.. A strong republican government has guided the nation for the last 1000 years, and has repeatedly passed legislation to ensure its status as the center of technological, scientific, and magical development on the continent.

Demographics and Economy

Grath’s population is predominantly Human (98%), but small populations of Gnomes (0.8%), Dwarves (0.7%), and Halflings (0.4%). Most of Grath’s citizens reside in urban districts, which are largely filled with densely clustered apartments and condominiums.
The country’s primary industries are technological development and manufacture, with 75% of the world’s tech related businesses being based from the nation, which offers large tax incentives and favorable conditions for the industry. While there are large farming operations still active within the country, Grath is still primarily dependent on trade with neighboring Telnath for its food supply.

Important Landmarks and Locations


Grath’s capital city, Akoi is also it’s largest population center. Located in the northern center of the nation, a large portion of Grath’s Army and Air force are stationed there, who also act as the local police force.

New Termina

Built on the southwest coast of the nation, New Termina was built only 50 years ago, as a replacement for the dominant port city, which was destroyed in the first Flare. It boasts the largest naval base in the country.

Prominent Citizens

Altore Speirt

Considered by many to be the father of modern magical science, Speirt developed the process of burmite impaction and many of the uses for it still common to the modern day.

Alexandre Morokov
Lee Pittle-Thriggs
Admiral Cassio Tagge
Talamane Desmond



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