Cartethi Chronicles

Previously on Cartethi Chronicles
The adventure so far

Trapped in a quarantine in east-central New Termina, Lucas O’Connor, Michael McGee, Ezio Auditore, Lucien Gard, and Willow Starflower Gard find themselves drawn into an attempt to stop a deadly virus from being unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Led by mysterious texts and cryptic messages they gather clues that lead them to the home of a local scientist, who has been killed by the very creatures that his notes show he was helping to create.

With little else to go on, Lucien and Willow head home to investigate other names connected to the scheme, while Lucas, Michael, and Ezio go to investigate the medical tent located in Rorland Park. when Michael’s police credentials aren’t enough to gain them access to the facility, they reveal that they have been in contact with infected persons, and are taken in for inspection. stripped of their gear, the group strike out to explore the concept in their hospital gowns as soon as they are able, taking the keys of a sleeping guard and recovering their gear. Unable to extract any information of real value from off suty guards or the compound’s computers, they confront Dr. Brown on the subject when he comes to examine them. When the three reveal that they have access to the notes of one of the virus’ creators, the doctor asks to see them, and agrees to help them in thier investigation. Lucien and Willow rejoin their compatriots at the underground medical facility, bringing the notes with them. Michael and Lucas question Benjamin Hart about his story of seeing a large, flaming, two-headed monster in the local sewers. Surprised to discover that he had also been given information at the mysterious Chinese restaurant, Vincent North, the group investigate the short clue he was given, an address and a nonsense phrase, which Ezio determined was an anagram for “bad spy movie”. With Dr. Brown’s assurance that he would help them as soon as he could leave unnoticed, the group headed to 2307 Bradshaw…


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